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And for now, it remains unclear just what parameters EchoLooks human trainers use. The difficulty is that we dont know how this algorithm really works, says Stanford ethicist Susan Liautaud. It could give the wrong impression that there is some quantifiable right and wrong to fashion, but if we knew for example that [Amazon was saying] Were not trying to tell you whats right or wrong, but well tell you what Vogue editors would think, then the consumer can put that into context and say, You know I dont really care what Vogue editors think. Withoutknowing the details, its difficultto contextualize EchoLooks judgement. If the goal is to suggest clothes based on how they fit, will the AIprivilege clothes that make you look slimmer? Or clothes that have, say, a traditionally feminine silhouette instead ofan androgynous look? Like Alexa, Amazon designed the Echo Look tolearn over time, so presumably it will figure out your personal style. But it bears asking: Whose sense of beauty will itserve? And will it end up like that troupe of girls in my high school, suggesting we all dress the same? Kids are very รองเท้า ส้น สูง สวย ๆ ไซส์ เล็ก sensitive to evaluation already, says John Weisz, professor of psychology at Harvard, specializing in adolescent mental health. And to add another source of evaluation, and to have it be a source that from many peoples perspectives is very authoritative, its hard to see what you gain. Weisz is talking about teenagerswho will surely use the Echo Look, even if the marketing materials suggest Amazon designed it foryoung professionalsbut insecurity about physical appearance is by no means unique to adolescents.

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